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Every EdTech company claims to be innovative, differentiated and the right solution that “just works.” For education leaders, the 1000s of marketing solicitations they receive can all sound the same. How can you successfully break from the pack and make a lasting impression on decision-makers on your prospect list? Our panel of EdTech marketing pros discussed the common mistakes made by EdTech companies of all sizes, and the strategies that really work. They answered questions and offered suggestions on how to navigate the new normal for the rest of 2020 and beyond.  

Dr. Sheryl Abshire

Education Thought Leader

Former CTO of Calcasieu Parish Schools in Lake Charles, Louisiana for 20+ years, Dr. Abshire is a celebrated thought leader in education technology and has been a catalyst for technology integration nationally and internationally, focusing on the role of technology and curriculum in changing educational practice. Among Sheryl's countless recognitions and achievements, she has served in top leadership roles for CoSN, ISTE, LACUE, and the Louisiana CTO Council, and was the first teacher inducted into our country’s National Teachers Hall of Fame. Read Sheryl’s full bio.

Sharia Huda

EdTech Leader & Startup Mentor

Sharia coaches startup founders and corporate professionals about the education ecosystem. As a founding member of BrainPop and as a Technology Integration Specialist, she has a keen eye for enhancing learning experiences with technology. Sharia advocates for accessibility and equality, drives social impact, and builds community.  She co-hosts the 8K+ member NY EdTech Meetup and worked on the Forbes8: Mastermind Launch, co-leading the partnership plan for the forbes8 app. She recently served as a startup pitch day judge for CUNY – Borough of Manhattan Community College. Read Sharia’s full bio.

Jennifer Ralston Stringer

Founder & CEO
Square 32


Jennifer brings over 15 years of experience as an educator, EdTech Director, and Education Marketer. She founded Square 32, built on a passion for sharing tools that provide meaningful and lasting learning experiences. Jennifer brings a unique and fresh lens with which to evaluate, position, and promote organizations and products. Read Jennifer’s full bio.

Jennie Breister
Director of PR

Square 32

Jennie is a 20+ year marketing and communications veteran who's been immersed in EdTech for more than 13 years. She is passionate about bringing together education leaders and EdTech innovators to spark conversations that matter. Read Jennie’s full bio.

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