15 Things You Can Share on Twitter

Twitter is quite possibly my favorite social network.  I follow amazing people like @classtechtips, @ijukes@kkidsinvt.  And trust me, I could go on and on.  Every time I look at my feed, I'm inspired, I find a new tool to explore, or am pushed to think critically.  Thinking of jumping in, or just ready for some fresh ideas?  Here's 15 to get you started.

1.  Share job openings on your team 2.  Connect with other teachers across the globe to find pen pals 3. Tweet photos of your classroom or workspace. Share your design tips 4. Share photos of student projects or work 5.  LEARN, LEARN, LEARN, follow other people you admire and respect 6. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, add to the conversation 7.  Participate in twitter chats  8.  Share new books you are adding to your library 9.  Share pictures of books your students or teammates are enjoying 10.  Share interesting articles, news, or blog posts you've enjoyed 11.  Comment on other people's tweets 12.  Share a tool that you can't live without 13.  Tag someone in a tweet and tell them how much they inspire you 14.  Need help or have a question?  Ask your network 15.  Reach out to authors, experts, career professionals that you can get valuable guidance from.

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