5 Simple Tips for Reaching Educators

The K to 12 market is a universe with so much potential that companies and nonprofits can explore. It has been steadily growing over the last 5 years and despite the increasing number of companies entering the market, it still promises a massive opportunity.

So how do you grow your business in Education? It’s all about targeting and communicating properly to the right segment. You have to remember that educators are not a one size fits all group. Some are early tech adopters, some believe students should leave their laptops and cell phones at home. Some educators have purchasing power while at the same time many can act as influencers to their colleagues and their administrators.

We’ve put together 5 simple and effective ways to successfully market your brand in Education.

1. Go Through Their Every Day Journey!

It is very important to understand who you are trying to talk to whenever you create a campaign. You need to know their every day journey including their routines, struggles, and motivations to come up with an effective marketing communication strategy. Try building relationships with your targeted audience to build an understanding of what teaching or leading is really like.

2. Go Social!

Lots and lots of educators today are on social media. Follow your audience wherever they go. You can use social media to generate buzz for your brand and engage with others. Social media is a long term game, but the quickest and easiest way to gain influence is to share value and support others.

3. Integrate!

Having an integrated marketing communications plan is still the key to success. While it is effective to focus your efforts on channels that perform best, being omnipresent using multiple platforms can maximize your reach. Remember to be consistent with your messaging, regardless of the channel you’re using.

4. Timing Matters!

Timing is everything. Remember that in targeting educators, there are specific time, days, and occasions during the year that can help you get the best attention from your audience. Doing campaigns in the right place, at the right time, for the right people set is the key to having a successful marketing initiative.

5. Don’t forget, content is still king!

Content is still the heart of the most successful marketin. Behind every successful brand is a collection of valuable and relevant content that educates, entertains, and inspires your audience. Once you’ve mastered the art of creating AND repurposing good content, you’ll be able to build lasting relationship with your potential customers.

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