Getting Your Conference Presentation Proposal Approved!

Education conferences, both small and large, happen year-round and all across the country. If you are an educator or organization looking to share your expertise and build your brand, submitting proposals to speak at conferences can be a great boost.  But what can you do to make sure that your proposal stands out above all of the others?

1.  Title and tagline.  Make your title something catchy. No more 5 tips for this, 3 tips for that.  How about, "The best kept secrets of successful math teachers?" Or, "How I completely screwed up genius hour in my class." Check this out for more ideas.

2.  Topic.  Make your topic something unique, but something you're also passionate about.  If you aren't passionate about it, that will come through in your pitch.  Also, make absolutely sure it aligns with the conference goals and audience.

3.  Choose your conferences wisely.  Try applying for local conferences where you may have a better chance of getting accepted.  EdCamps also give you an opportunity to present and lead conversations in a more relaxed setting.  Look at conferences you may already be attending and submit proposals there. 

4.  What's in it for me? Concentrate on writing your proposal with the selection committee and audience in mind.  Remember, conference organizers are looking for the most appealing sessions. They want attendees to learn and enjoy themselves so they'll return to the conference in the future.  If you are chosen to present, audience members will want to know what they'll walk away with if they attend your session, and that it won't be a waste of their time.

Need help with conference proposals, ideas, or reviews?  Feel free to reach out 

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