• Tina Sendin

Our Favorite EdTech Podcasts (Part 2)

Some of you enjoyed the last list of our favorite edtech podcasts, so here's an encore. We know you love learning new tools, gaining insights, and hearing from inspiring educators as much as we do. Thus we are constantly on the lookout for more edtech shows to keep building the list... so we can share it with you!

Listen to some relevant edtech insights, this time as you wait for the turkey to roast or while killing time in between Zoom calls. Here are some of the newly discovered edtech shows that are constantly queued on our podcast player!

The Daily Stem

dailySTEM is created by Chris Woods, a HS Math Teacher and an Education presenter. He started The Daily STEM to provide educators and families with simple STEM resources that connect the real world to learning. He belives that our kids need to see that STEM is all around us…in the backyard, at the store, in our homes, on TV and movies, in the news… everywhere! We particularly love this episode in which he interviewed a brother and sister duo who created 3Dux Designs, a tool to help kids build creations out of cardboard. Did we mention they’re teenage entrepreneurs who are still in high school?

Moving at the Speed of Creativity

If you’re an ELA teacher, literacy tutor and/or a librarian, then this podcast is perfect for you. Moving at the Speed of Creativity gives focus on EdTech and digital literacy. Topics range from digital storytelling, digital citizenship, gap year and many more. Wesley A. Fryer interviews educators and students alike. Check out this episode on Reflections on Blended Learning Techniques with Google Sites, Slides and Social Media.


EduFuturists is a UK-based podcast has not one, not two, but three different shows. So there’s definitely a topic for all the edtech lovers out there. EduFuturists features the who’s who in the world of educators. The Vault highlights various EdTech tools (we love learning new tools each time!) In the Studio is an awesome show that showcases educators through interviews that has the right balance of funny and insightful! Ben Whitaker, Dan Fitzpatrick and Steven Hope have got you covered if you’re looking for “continuing conversation with guests from all over the world about education, technology, the future and everything between.”

TED Talks Education

You can never go wrong with TED Talks. So imagine our delight when we found out that there are also ‘ideas worth spreading’ on education. For the time-pressed, TED Talks Education is perfect with talks not going over 20 mins. Topics are a wide array of personal stories, big visions and forward-looking insights on education. We’ve got so many favorites but let’s just start with those of Michelle Obama, Sir Ken Robinson, and Bill Gates.

Teaching in Higher Ed

We first stumbled upon Bonni Stachowiak from another podcast, Coaching for Leaders by Dave Stachowiak (her hubby). Dave and Bonni both have rich and crisp podcast shows that are packed with hacks in the area of coaching and education. We think Bonni’s “Teaching in Higher Ed” is best for those interested in exploring “the art and science of being more effective at facilitating learning.” As an associate professor of business and management at Vanguard University, Bonni dives deep into subjects such as excellence in teaching, instructional design, open education, diversity and inclusion, productivity, creativity in teaching, educational technology, blended learning, connected learning, and gadgets for teaching.


Tech Talk for Teachers is the perfect show for those who want to learn and stay in-the-know for teaching tools, applications, programs, and teaching technologies. It caters to kindergarten teachers all the way to university professors and features “picks of the week.” who want to stay up-to-date with the latest teaching technologies and their applications in the classroom. Each episode offers ideas on how to use new tools, apps and programs in class, as well as technology ‘picks of the week.’ While the show has already retired in June this year, it’s still worth a listen to discover tools that may be relevant for teaching. Check out this episode on emergency remote learning… which sounds pretty much like 2020!

Leading Lines

Leading Lines is a show on “creative, intentional and effective uses of technology to enhance student learning” in college and university settings. The show features interviews with education technology stakeholders, i.e. researchers, educators and technologists that seek to amplify ideas and voices that are (or should be!) shaping how we think about digital learning and digital pedagogy. Leading Lines is produced by the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching, The Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries and Associate Provost for Education Development and Technologies. Some of our favorite subjects include the use of video games in teaching and creating out-of-the-box homework.

The Edtech Podcast

Last and certainly not the least, the Edtech Podcast seeks to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ through storytelling, for better innovation and impact. Created and hosted by Sophie Bailey, former Head of Content at Bett, the world’s largest education technology event, the show is listened to by education leaders from around the world, plus startups, learning and development specialists, blue-chips, investors, Government and media. She talks to leaders in global education innovation, as well as startups, investors and government. We think this episode on simulation tech for workforce training is very interesting!