• Jennie Breister

Recap of Learn from the Pros: EdTech Marketing Done Right

I’ll admit I’m biased. Sitting down with three titans of EdTech to talk about education marketing - in today’s climate and beyond – was a dream assignment. There was so much thought leadership and synergy shared between our three panelists and if you do have the opportunity, access the hour-long discussion and post-event Q&A here. For the time-deprived, here are highlights and excerpts from Square 32’s recent webinar with Dr. Sheryl Abshire, Sharia Huda, and Jennifer Ralston Stringer on the common mistakes made by EdTech companies of all sizes, and the strategies that really work to leave a lasting, favorable impression on both prospects and current clients. You can also read bios for Sheryl, Sharia, and Jennifer, our celebrated pros who graciously shared insights from their combined 60+ years of experience in the education space.

Here are some of our favorite moments...

How to make social media tactics work for your brand leader

Your CEO or Founder’s presence in the EdTech ecosystem, particularly on social media, can be critical to building a positive company brand identity. In the relationship-centric education community, both B2B and B2C prospects and clients want to know the “person behind the brand” and how committed they are to the mission of their company, year-round, year over year, and in response to times of crisis. Learn which social media tactics work well to reveal the leader behind your brand.

How to avoid appearing “tone-deaf”

Doing right by education leaders and educators means allowing them the time they need to concentrate on their communities, while offering support as they prepare for back to school and remote learning faced with critical issues like equity, access, and inclusion. Here’s how to avoid being “tone deaf” in your engagement strategies, plus what education leaders find “toxic” with certain less-than-respectful sales tactics.

Building a positive reputation for your company

Our experts call out companies that are meeting the moment in very positive ways, like Classlink and their foresight with letting the voices of their education advisors shine in a blog series, and Edquity for prioritizing fundraising for students in need above hard-sell tactics. Creating a positive reputation that’s consistent is key to successful engagement.

Marketing to multiple EdTech audiences

Square 32’s CEO and Founder, Jennifer Ralston Stringer, shares her pro tips for making your website a destination for multiple audiences, and for bringing in digital marketing automation tools to effectively reach your targeted communities.

EdTech marketing tips for 2020 and beyond

For future planning, the next best thing to a crystal ball is receiving great advice from noted EdTech thought leaders on how to respectfully engage (and disengage) with your target audiences. Keep these quick tips in mind as you create your company’s marketing plan for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

Marketing advice for early stage EdTech startups

During our post-event Q&A, our panelists offered insights on both issues and opportunities that are specific to brand new startups.

More resources and examples packed with hacks and tips

We’ve got even more pro tips to unpack related to valuable market research resources and other examples of positive and creative engagement strategies from successful EdTech companies. Access the full EdTech Marketing Done Right webinar recording here. When you’re ready to jumpstart your media relations strategies in preparation for back to school, check out another Square 32 exclusive webinar recording on How to Pitch to Media during Covid-19.

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