The 1 Thing You Need to do Before You Share Another Post

We all know content marketing can be a valuable and powerful tool for building brand awareness in education. The problem is, bandwidth issues, shifting priorities, and a lack of strategy often keeps EdTech companies and startups from staying on top of their content marketing game. The result is that your brand's message gets watered down and people don't understand what you really stand for. Even worse, your company isn't even in the conversation.

To help you create and curate content that remains true to your brand, define 2-3 content pillars, or guidelines. These pillars are the topics or themes that lie in the sweet spot between what your brand represents and what your customers care about. For example, if you have a math curriculum for problem based group learning, you'll want to see what educators are talking about in that space and what value you can add. For example, your pillars might be the value of teaching with project based learning, best practices in math education, and student engagement. Identifying these themes helps you create your own content and share content from others that may interest your audience.

By choosing content pillars, you can keep your brand consistent by having guideposts on what to share- and what not to share. So instead of having a scattered approach, you can become a thought leader in the spaces that are most aligned with your prospects and your company.

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