What Covid-19’s “New Normal” has Taught us About EdTech Marketing

In a time of “social distancing” and with schools across the country shut down, students of all ages, educators and parents have had to adapt quickly and modify how we do things. We’re all working feverishly to find new ways of balancing school, family, work and play. With no clear end in sight, we need to be ready for the new challenges we’ll face and the continued disruption in our work and our lives.

So what does this mean for companies serving the Education market?

How should we communicate to and market to our prospects and customers?


In a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, silence is our worst enemy.

COVID-19 is a reminder that communication is key, especially when many educators, parents, and students are uncertain, frantic, and experiencing high levels of stress.

There’s no better time to level up our communication and marketing efforts - not to sell – but to communicate how you are supporting customers. What can your company offer that will help decrease the burden on parents and teachers?


COVID-19’s “new normal” has taught us that marketing and communications have an important role to play. As budgets tighten, an organization’s knee-jerk reaction may be to cut back on marketing. Companies who take a moment to look at their long term strategy, will recognize marketing during this time is essential in keeping the organization afloat now and in the future.

There are massive increases in social media use, time online, and educators and parents searching for new edtech tools. Now is the time to meet people where they are with messages that resonate. Think about adding value as schools face challenges, building awareness about your product and sharing your success stories.

And even if some customers may not be buying now, constant visibility, relationship-building and adding value to their lockdown life will help build the brand and bring it top-of-mind.


Marketing creates brand awareness, creates demand, and drives leads. Those who have already established a presence where their customers live online and get information will be reaping the benefits now. Whether it’s during this major shift or when things return to “normal,” educator’s won’t be considering your tool if they don’t know it exists. It pays dividends to become top-of-mind.

Thinking that offering a free trial or free product will help attract users during coronavirus? A spreadsheet that was shared when school closures were just being announced started with 20 or so companies offering discounts or free product. In a matter of days, that spreadsheet has turned into a website with thousands of listings and a Facebook group with close to 125,000 members.

In the time of Corona, it’s essential to identify a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and a message that truly resonates. For example, think about how your edtech product is bundled and how it might serve more than one purpose. In a moment of chaos, people flock to the familiar and won’t have the time to learn and manage 10 different tools.


Offering knowledge and building relationships is the best way to be there for your customers throughout this crisis.

Perhaps the rule of thumb about navigating this “new normal” is to be generous with information. Be there for your customers. Help users understand your product better. Customize or tweak your offerings to better serve them during this crisis. Repurpose content present within your product and extend them to users and potential customers alike.

Don't forget about the emotional stress that parents, teachers, and students are experiencing as well. Take the opportunity to show you care through creative brand awareness campaigns like this one from Bites Media. They're giving students a voice by highlighting art, videos, and more from those who aren't able to participate in End of Year and Graduation celebrations.

Build brand affinity now so when the time comes for their next edtech purchase, parents, teachers, and educators will not only remember you, but remember you as a credible, trustworthy brand.

Square 32 consulting is in the business of helping edtech companies with driving demand, nurturing leads, and building ambassadors. If you need to revisit your marketing strategy or brainstorm on how to navigate this unprecedented time, feel free to contact us at jennifer@square32consulting.com