• stephen3124

Why Square 32?

Legend has it that when chess was invented in 6th century India, the inventor shared his newest invention with the emperor. The emperor was pleased and celebrated the new invention by asking the creator to name his reward. In return, the inventor asked for just a single grain of rice on the first square and that it be doubled every day for 64 days, one day for each square of the chessboard. The emperor quickly agreed to what he thought was a humble reward, but realized quickly, that as the pattern continued, he had promised more rice that had ever been produced in the history of the world.

How does this relate to technology? For years it was observed that roughly every 2 years the number of transistors on a chip doubled. These huge leaps in processing power, and the convergence of new technologies such as cloud, social media, mobility, and augmented/virtual reality, have ushered in what some call a "second half of the chessboard" moment. For schools, educators, students, and parents, the access to these transformative technologies represents a critical inflection point or that 32nd square.

Hosts of new EdTech companies are rapidly entering the market with fresh solutions designed to harness these breakthroughs and greatly enhance the learning experience. While we can only imagine what the second half of the chessboard will bring to education, this new crop of solutions presents a dizzyingly list of choices for decision makers attempting to make the best choice for their environment.

Square 32 is the data-driven marketing agency you need to gain measurable traction in this fast-growing, evolving EdTech marketplace. We leverage our real-world educational roots to offer you the best insights and strategies into optimizing your messaging and thereby activating educators and today's buyers to take action.