Our team is always at the cutting edge of what engages educators, parents, and kids.  We live at the intersection of education, technology, marketing, and social good and we're always looking for creative ways to engage, educate and inspire your audience.  

Marketing Strategy

We help our clients connect with the customers they need from the very beginning.  Whether it's conducting focus groups or a customer focused design process, we make sure your product has the right market fit.

When we're ready to bring a product to market, clients depend on us to help them identify their primary targets and their needs and motivations.  All of these activities give us the information we need to help build a unique and differentiated brand positioning and messaging.

Social Marketing

Our team provides support on every aspect of paid and organic social media management.  We develop a content marketing strategy to help you meet your goals.  We work on managing ongoing content calendars so that posts are consistent and on brand.  We also support organizations on developing any number of pieces of content: blogs, white papers, social graphics and copy, video, etc.  Most importantly, we review metrics that allow us to make decisions that help us put our time and our ad funds behind what's working.   


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Influencer and Ambassador Marketing

We help our clients connect with the movers and shakers in the industry.  We help brands and leaders become the influencers they should be.  Any marketing plan must include developing your brand fans or ambassadors and get them talking about how great your product is.  Additional Influencer outreach allows you to meet a new people who are willing to engage with you and share their thoughts with their often large audiences.

Reputation Management

Your reputation in the EdTech market can make or break your company.  As purchasing decisions are made, they're evaluating all aspects of your business.  They want to know that your product works.  They want to know that you're a socially conscious company.  Do they see signs that you are innovating or that you are standing still?  Does your company's leadership seem credible and in-the-know?  As you grow, the more people you employ, the more people you have sharing their experience with others impacting how people view your organization.    

Learning Experiences

One of the best ways to turn new users into new fans is to support them and to give them resources!  We help our clients create educational content for all stakeholders.  Is it an edtech tool that teachers need lesson plan ideas for?  Is it a tool that students will use at home? We may produce a helpful guide for parents and families at home.  Or maybe you're a non-profit wanting to create some free lesson plans in K-5 classrooms.  You'll need curriculum written, but you'll also need to market the materials to teachers as well. We're your one stop agency.

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