Strategy, Planning, & Execution
A Full Service Marketing Agency 

Marketing Strategy

We help our clients connect with the customers they need from the very beginning.  Clients depend on us to identify primary targets, their needs and motivations, and where they go online and off.

These insights help us position brands, products and solutions and build a plan to get that message to the right audiences, at the right time.

Social and Content Marketing

Our team provides support on every aspect of content marketing, from irresistible lead magnets to engaging social posts.  We develop a consistent content marketing strategy that you helps you meet your business goals.  Any blog, white paper, social graphic and copy, or video is created with a clear purpose and with keywords and SEO in mind.  Most importantly, we review metrics that allow us to make decisions that help us put our time and resources behind what's working.   


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Public Relations and Strategic Partnerships

We help our clients connect with the movers and shakers in the industry and the media.  We help brands and leaders become the influencers they should be.  Any marketing plan must include developing your brand fans.  Additional Influencer and media outreach allows you to meet a new people who are willing to engage with you and share their thoughts with their often large audiences.

Digital Marketing and SEO

Search marketing puts your brand in front of people at the exact moment when they are searching for solutions.  Knowing the right keywords and phrases your target audience is searching for helps you create the right content that drives them to your site.  Our SEO services include keyword research, building high quality backlinks, and on/off site optimization.    

Paid Advertising

With deep roots in education, we know where to go to secure the best placements to reach your audience.  On social, search or through industry publications, we build the plan and execute to ensure the most impact for your budget.  We develop ad creative including copy and graphics, including a plan to A/B test.  With a keen eye for metrics, we uncover the best ways to optimize your campaigns. 

Reputation Management

Your reputation in the EdTech market can make or break your company.  As purchasing decisions are made, they're evaluating all aspects of your business.  They want to know that your product works.  They want to know that you're a socially conscious company.  Do they see signs that you are innovating or that you are standing still?  Does your company's leadership seem credible and in-the-know?  As you grow, the more people you employ, the more people you have sharing their experience with others impacting how people view your organization.